THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE has as part of their practices contact with souls of the dead, non-human entities and cosmic forces and contact with the practitioner’s unconscious forces. We follow these three forms of practice as a way to release the spirit of the practitioner, as this type of more invasive contact with external energies can provoke a shock in the spirit by aversion, where the Awakened Spirit can release enough energy to release itself, leaving the prison of creating at once. We say shock out of aversion at the fact that by coming into contact with the souls of dead human beings, non-human entities and cosmic forces and contact with the forces of the unconscious itself that also become external by constellation, the Acausal Spirit can see the extent of his imprisonment, therefore, the Spirit obtains the total understanding that the souls of the dead, the cosmic forces, non-human entities and their own forces kept unconscious are caught in a web maintained by the demiurge and his archons and that no matter the dimensional level in which it is, the enormity of power that it represents or be, while the creation is inhabiting the Spirit is and will always be just another slave. This deep understanding then becomes an aversion to creation and to the condition of a slave, generating the energy for the Spirit to break the chains that bind him.

We adopted the nomenclatures that already exist in the “spiritual” environment, so to speak, of the words: Incorporation and Possession and we add a third one that is more used in the academic field of psychology, but serving very well to be able to translate the practice we also carry out in one word : Excorporation. We will not dwell on etymological and conceptual explanations, it is enough to know that the words used describe our practices, bringing to mind well-known phenomena.
In this post we will write briefly about these three practices that we perform.


Incorporation is a practice where it is proposed that the soul of a dead human being can connect to a medium through the chakras and command his body, thus being able to interact with the environment in which it manifests. The incorporation can happen at different levels of consciousness of the medium and control of the soul, being the lightest as an inspiration where the medium suffers a strong mental current that influences him and the medium translates this influence, to a deeper level where the medium he has little or no awareness and control over his body and the soul of the deceased can interact with the living, presenting himself with all his characteristics, that is, mode of speech, expressions, grimaces and in some cases even odors.
There are any number of techniques for developing this skill as well as purposes and it is a common practice in many cultures around the world.
In some cultures the technique of incorporating the souls of living human beings is also used, where the soul of a human being who is asleep or numb has the ability to move in the dimension of the dead and incorporate into a medium, thus bringing a more reliable, because the human being who performs this technique is a member of society and liable to be held responsible if he incurs deception.
In any case, incorporation is a common human phenomenon, with the practitioner willingness to complete certain steps and patience to obtain a satisfactory result.


Possession is a practice where a non-human entity or cosmic force completely takes over the practitioner’s body and consciousness, unlike incorporation, possession is not a common thing and is not a common practice, because for possession to happen it is necessary in addition to the practitioner’s predisposition, special preparation and some more elaborate ritualistic. From Ancient Greece, which are the oldest written records of this practice, to modern India where non-human entities and cosmic forces take over human bodies at religious festivals, we also find this practice in Africa, Thailand, Polynesia, Nordic countries, Eastern European countries, some UK countries and some Arab countries.
Possession has well-defined and general purposes, that is, it has its use for the society or community that performs the ritual, whether for the abundance of crops and the development of animal breeding, for favoring wars or protecting against enemies of the community, to rid the community of pests, disasters and child mortality among other purposes that serve the community or society.
The possession of the same non-human entity or cosmic force can also occur collectively, where a single force or entity has several individuals at once, or several aspects of this force and several entities of the same function or hierarchy may have more than one individual and more rarely they can have a single individual, but in these rare cases the destruction of the individual’s body is certain and is seen in society or collectivity where it occurs as a sacrifice to cosmic force or non-human entity.


Exorporation presupposes to put out of the individual what is bad for him. In our practice we apply the ex-corporation technique so that the practitioner can express his dark unconscious forces and thus identify and use them and then integrate these forces back into his Spirit.
The dark forces of the unconscious are aspects of the Spirit that is imprisoned by the illusion of consciousness and when the practitioner begins to embody these forces, identifying and making use of them, he will eventually understand that although they appear to be external forces, because they are constellated, they are actually a single force that is the strength of your Spirit, thus becoming an Awakened Spirit and as you progress in practice, you destroy the barriers of illusion that place you as separate beings, practitioner and Spirit, in one being, the Acausal Spirit.
This is a practice that requires total commitment from the practitioner and although it is accessible to anyone, as it does not involve complicated ritual, specific location, or anything other than the will and commitment, it is also one of the most difficult practices to be performed .
We found this practice in some regions of Asia and India.

Regardless of the mask we use or the role we play in creation and at any energetic or dimensional level, as long as we exist we are slaves ……