With the advent of creation, the demiurge and his archons were able to divide the Spiritual energy into multiple particles to animate the created matter allowing this Spiritual particle to react in the matter in such a way that the result of this reaction becomes the energetic food that they use to maintain themselves separated into and from Chaos. This was made possible by the cosmic ordering and the positive / negative duality culminating in the Solve et Coagula reaction, generating prana, soul, vital energy or the food of the gods.

The Great Ancient Serpent then launched a jet of its saliva, which in creation became the Great Poisonous Green, this emanation is the opposite of prana and not serving as food for the demiurge and its archons became Poison for them. The Great Poisonous Green is so named because this emanation has managed to merge more in plants in this dimension and in equivalents in others and has the ability to awaken the Spiritual particle and this Spiritual particle or Spirit once aware of its condition as a slave, develops a ferocious struggles to break free.

Once the Spirit is able to break free, it is able to reach infinite Chaos through the permanent breach in creation that is maintained by the infection of the Great Poisonous Green. Some spirits decided to stay in creation, using the Great Poisonous Green as a vehicle to wage war on the demiurge and his archons and extinguish creation. These Spirits, the Adversaries of creation for many Aeons, fought hard against creation, even managing to destroy it several times, but as the destruction of matter did not awaken the spiritual sparks, the demiurge and his archons managed to gather the matter still impregnated and again restore creation, and expel many of the Adversaries who set out to remain to fight them.

After several Aeons the Adversaries of creation improved their war strategy and in this Aeon came to the conclusion that the best tactic to extinguish creation, its creator and its supporters is the tactic of emptying matter.

In this tactic, Adversaries remain in creation through the Great Poisonous Green, awakening Spiritual sparks, which when awake will free themselves from matter, thus weakening the food of the gods, killing creation within. With this strategy, the Adversaries of creation also make Adversaries some Spirits who willingly resolve to join the war.

This strategy, which we call Destructive Nuclear Infection, is applied in all the energetic vibrational multilevels of matter in all multiverses and we call it that because matter, no matter which energy level or multiverse, is always structured in the same way, differing only vibrationally .

Adversaries of creation are portrayed in different ways in the most diverse cultures and ages, always portrayed as evil by the minions of the demiurge, and have their images disseminated with terrible and grotesque appearances, for example the Hindu goddess Maha Kali or the images of Exus and Pombagiras but the Spirit who is still caught up in matter but who has awakened or initiates his awakening, sees beyond these images, even though initially attracted by these representations, the Spirit recognizes himself in them and with the deepening of his self-knowledge realizes that there is nothing in creation that can represent the Acausal Spirit.