Quimbanda Ceifadores started with the union of Exus Tata Caveira, 7 Caveira, Morcego, Mirim, 7 Porteira, Zé do Coco, Zé Caveira, Nego Véio Zuza and Zé Pretinho and Pombagiras Tata Mulambo, Maria Quitéria, Maria Amélia, 7 Porteiras, Rosa Caveira, Rosa Negra, Maria Caveira, Morcego e Dama do Sangue. Over time, other Exus and Pombagiras became part of the Egregore Quimbanda Ceifadores.
These Exus and Pombagiras who manifested themselves in the traditionally established way, each manifesting themselves in their phalanx of origin, were willing to create a new egregore, asking the Principals of their phalanxes and kingdoms so that they could continue the challenge presented during the practices, of making manifest in Brazilian lands and using the sinister way presented here, a practice contrary to the slavery of the Spirit by the demiurge.
This fact was necessary and possible when the counterpart on the physical plane reached the understanding that he would either continue the cult of Exus and Pombagiras in the traditional way or would undertake in a new form of practice, using the catalytic forces that presented themselves in our country to achieve the goal of freeing the Spirit and returning to Primordial Chaos.
The liberation of the Spirit from the slavery of existence is not a new or unprecedented practice, but that until then it was necessary to connect with egregores established in other languages, cultures and forms of practice and for this reason made it difficult or inaccessible for the searcher who have this goal on the Sinister Path.
Words such as: Quimbanda, Exu, Pombagira, Kiumba, Egun, Macumba and others served for the Mighty Dead as pieces of a puzzle, where the seeker who initiated the awakening of his Spirit and struggles for his Liberation could put together several scenarios that serve as guides to achieve this goal.
These and other words give clues to the searcher from where he can find Ancestral Ancestral Forces that make war on the demiurge, his archons and minions and although etymological issues exist, the fact is that all the words of the cultural broth that Brazil was formed and have the connotation that was imposed by the minions of the demiurge as being “of the devil” became symbols of the Via Sinistra in Brazil and these etymological questions are shown to be only masks and it is not a matter of modifying or imposing a random meaning, as the symbolism was justly reinforced by those who are now in a hurry to try to dissolve it.
The initiative to create an egregore for this purpose using the part of the Darkness of the Great Abyss that took shape in Brazil, appropriating the nomenclatures of other cultures that were established in our country but that clearly have their origin in practices of witchcraft and witchcraft of attack on the slavery system still in force, resistance against tyranny imposed by all religious systems and which represent in their manifestations the Great Ancient Serpent that demands against the creation and slavery of the Acausal Spirit in imperfect matter.
The egregore Quimbanda Ceifadores has Death as its Main Person and honors the Great Ancient Serpent who is the Main Person of the Main Person.
The cult of Death that Quimbanda Ceifadores strives to represent is the cult of true Death, the cessation of existence at all energetic levels and in all multiverses where there is material existence in any aspect that presents itself and the liberation of the Acausal Spirit.

We repeat what was written above, this is not an unprecedented practice or objective, and it is still found in use in Tibet in the form of Northern School Buddhism in its Sacred Book Bardo Thodol, in Classical Gnosticism, in the Qliphotic practices of the Book of Azerate, in the Nordic Thursatru, in the form of Buddhism known as Chod of Bon Buddhism, in Tantric practices in India which is where the term “left hand” or Vamachara derives from, in the cult of Ajoguns in Nigeria, in Black Shamanism where the Lords of War and Hell, finally, several practical ways of leading the seeker who initiated the awakening of his Spirit to the great liberation from the illusion of creation that was imposed by the demiurge, the imperfect dreamer, the despot who ordered the Spiritual sparks just for their maintenance and their archons.
In this way, under the instruction of our Masters Exus and Pombagiras we dare to accept this challenge, if we will succeed we do not know, if we will remain firm in the purpose until the last consequences, for sure!