General Notice

All products offered for sale on the website are intended for the practice of belief. Freedom of worship and belief is guaranteed by the laws in force in Brazil. Before purchasing our products, check the laws of your country.

In no case do we sell products to minors.

The data for purchasing our products are provided by the Paypal website and are not stored by us. In order not to have problems with your order keep the shipping address updated in PayPal.

Any guidance to us regarding the sending of your order until the time of posting must be made immediately at the time of purchase by e-mail: contato@quimbandaceifadores.com

After posting your order you must look for the postal service contracted.

Orders in stock

All products in stock will be sold until the end. For products that are no longer in stock check the possibility of custom order.

Custom orders

We accept orders for personalized orders of different materials: statuettes, mixtures of incense, tinctures and oils, fetishes, ritual items, necklace, rosary, pyrography (in wood, horn and bones), sculpture of bones and horns, works of art, sticks, athames, in short, we accept personalized orders of almost all artifacts that can be used in Quimbanda / Black Magic.

According to previous experience, personalized orders are processed only by paying a deposit equal to half the value. When the order is complete, we will contact you and proceed with the shipment.

If you need any custom order, please contact us at contato@quimbandaceifadores.com. We will continue to negotiate any detail, from design to delivery. The production time varies according to the nature of the order.

Poisonous mixtures and materials

We do not assume any responsibility for this type of material.

Whenever mixtures or other materials contain poisonous ingredients, they will always be indicated and we suggest how to use them correctly, avoiding intoxication. These mixtures and materials must be purchased for advanced users and we do not recommend their use to beginners.

Some general advice for the correct handling and storage of poisonous materials:

  • do not ingest
  • get them out of the reach of children and animals
  • always wash your hands after touching them and preferably use gloves
  • check that the labels are properly attached
  • When using incense mixtures that contain poisonous herbs, do not inhale the smoke directly and work in a well-ventilated room or outdoors
  • do not use oils or poisonous dyes on the skin and wear gloves when you need to apply them to objects
  • prior knowledge of herbs and their physiological effects is necessary
  • even if folklore and magical praxis suggest that use on the skin, ingestion or inhalation, we strongly advise against it and assume no responsibility for its inappropriate use.


Our entheogens are for strictly religious use, before purchasing check the legislation of your country.

All the entheogens offered for sale are part of our practice, they are the same entheogens that we use, therefore, they are of excellent quality and all of them are collected, elaborated and handled by specialized professionals and that are aligned with the practice of Witchcraft and all entheogens take that energy signature.

We do not provide entheogens for those who want fun …. The experience with our entheogens is strong and directed towards Black Magic practices and sinister self-knowledge and the development of personal shadow.

We do not recommend the use of our entheogens by beginners or the curious.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal only, because it is safe for both parties.

In what states do you send / do not send?

In general, we ship everything in all countries, but some have specific restrictions. Before purchasing at our store, be aware of these restrictions, as we do not refund orders held at customs.

Cancellations and returns

We accept cancellations only within 24 hours of payment.

All products are packed with extreme security and labeled as fragile. We are not responsible for damage caused by transportation.

Before posting, the buyer will be sent an image of the final product, the packaging process and the final packaging.

We do not accept returns. We do not make exchanges.

Shipping deadlines

Stock material is shipped within 3-5 business days, while delivery times depend on the state or country of destination. We use the postal service of the POST OFFICE preferably, and another service from large companies such as UPS or FEDEX can be used. Delivery times after posting differ for each region within Brazil and for other countries and are independent of our will.

For personalized orders, you must request private contracts, and we always keep you informed of the progress of your order.