Terms and Conditions


  1. Introduction


This is the General Terms and Conditions for the site http://quimbandaceifadores.com/, it will describe and rule it’s use, with all the pages included. This Terms and Conditions apply with overall strength and legal effect. To use the website, you agree with all the Terms and Conditions. You must not use this site if you don’t agree with all or some of the Terms and Conditions from this site.


This site must not be used by underage (as defined by the Brazilian’s laws, (s)he who doesn’t has at least 18 years old) and you must not use this website if you are a minor by the age described on the law of your country.


  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property


The TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES is a copyright and by it’s Terms, only the TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES and/or it’s licensed have all the rights by the Intellectual Property and all the material that are exposed on this site. All the rights are preserved.



  1. Restrictions


You are expressly and emphatically restricted to all the items bellow, except if you ask for explicit permission:


  1. To publish any material in any kind of media;
  2. To sell, to sublicense and/or commercialize any material from this site;
  3. To perform publicly and/or to show any material from this site;
  4. To use this site in any ways that will be detrimental to it;
  5. To use this site in any ways that affect the access from the users;
  6. To use this site against the laws and regulations that may be harmful to someone or any commercial entity;
  7. To participate of any kind of data mining, data collection or data extraction or any kind of other similar activity while using this website;
  8. To involve this site in any kind of marketing and publicity that weren’t previously authorized.


Some areas of this website are prohibited for the general public access and the TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES can restrict even more the access to any page or area of this website at any moment, without previous notice, by it’s and only desire.


Any ID, password and login that you may have created for this site are confidential and it’s your responsibility to it’s confidentiality. The Templo Quibando Ceifadores do not know and do not have access to any personal information that you may have as ID, passwords, login, credit card number or personal registry.


  1. Warranty


This site is what it is, with all the flaws and the TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES do not make representations or any implicit or explicit warranty for it’s materials and products. Besides, nothing on this site must be taken as an advise or a consult for you personally.



  1. Liability and Responsibility


In any aspect the Templo Quimbanda Ceifaores ot It’s members will be liable by you or any kind of use related to the use of this site of it’s items and the TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES, including it’s members won’t be responsible for any indirect, resulting or due any kind related to this site and it’s items, texts and products.


All the intellectual material and all the products that are exposed to sale are exclusively for worship and cult uses and it’s extremally discouraged to anyone who isn’t aligned to the cult or belief expressed on this site.


This site in any way makes proselytism of the express belief or advise the purchase and use of the products that are exposed for sale.


No product that are exposed for sale is for human consumption.


The TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES do not take responsibility for the misuse of the intellectual material or of the products that are for sale.



  1. Compensation


By this Term you are aware that you will reimburse and indemnify the TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES from and for against any current liability, costs, action causes, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) resulting from of some way related to yours violation of any clause of this Terms and Conditions.


  1. Severability


If any clauses of this Terms are considered invalid according to any applicable law, this inapplicability will be considered just for that clause, this disposition will be deleted or will not be applicable, but the all other clauses will remain.


  1. Variation of the Terms and Conditions



The TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES have the permission to review and change this Terms and Conditions at any time and as using this website, you must visit this Terms frequently to ensure that you understand and have knowledge about every detail about this website’s Terms and Conditions.


  1. Assignment


The TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES have the permission to concede, transfer and subcontract it’s rights and/or obligations of this Terms without any notifications or consent. But you won’t be able to assign, to transfer or to subcontract any of the rights and/or obligations under this Terms.


  1. Full Contract


This Terms, including any legal warning and exemption of liability held on this website is the contract between the TEMPLO QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES and you and this Terms replace all the possible agreements made before it.



  1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law


This Terms are under the Brazilian’s law and you’ll be submitted to it’s jurisdiction to solve any claim.



  1. Other Warnings and Exemptions of Liability


All the content of this website was carefully prepared and thought, but we will not be responsible for it’s precision and the timeless of the information.


This website can contain links to external websites, but all the content from these websites is out of our control and we will not take any responsibilities for the information there provided. The responsibility of the websites is only from these websites’ providers.