The human being is born and dies alone, in all moments of existence the human being is alone.
The scenario around the individual and which is perceived by the conscious mind is just the illusion that there is a connection with whatever it is.

Any type of emotion, however strong it may be, exists only in the individual’s mind and although other individuals may be inserted in the same scenario, the perception will be unique and particular.
In the same way, any experience, even if experienced in a group, will be solely and exclusively an individual perception, however similar the reports on the experience may be.

The connection between individuals, between the individual and the universe that surrounds him, empathy or whatever the terminology to express any kind of connection with whatever is a mechanism of the demiurge and his archons, more precisely the archon known as maya, to keep the Spirit in a hypnotic state, not allowing the perception that the Spirit is alone in its cell of matter.
This mechanism brings a false perception of connection to the Spirit and is reinforced by concepts such as collectivity, fraternity, society, caste, family, descent, race and others that lead to the feeling of belonging serve to cover up the reality of the slavery of the Spirit, since subdued in matter, he perceives only what his subjugators desire.

Maya, which in Sanskrit means illusion and in other cultures receives other names, is the archon responsible for the creation of the illusory plot created to keep the Spirit captive in imperfect matter in any dimension or vibrational level.

As a weapon for the dissolution of maya, THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE uses Misanthropy.
Misanthropy in its original term is used to denote hatred towards humanity and the insociability of the individual, the term is used by the Temple including in its meaning hatred of itself and the very condition of being.
Expressing this hatred against his own existence, the Spirit tears the plot of maya, because he sees that he is like a prisoner in a solitary cell, undoing the illusion that they have any type of connection or belonging.

THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE uses Misanthropy as a Scythe, which at every stroke tears in the fabric of the Maya until, in conjunction with the other practices of the Temple and the aid of the Adversaries of creation, the Spirit is freed from the demiurge’s prison.
Misanthropy practiced by the Temple is the refining of the perception of the Spirit as an opponent of creation.
The simple hate is just another fetter that binds the Spirit to the demiurgical system, and anyone who seeks connection with whatever it may be as a prisoner in matter, will remain in the wheel of slavery for aeons in a row until it is actually connected or incorporated into the energy of the demiurge, losing any chance of liberation.

The Misanthropy developed in THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE goes beyond worldly hatred, our Misanthropy leads the Spirit to complete indifference and coldness not only with the external Maya, but also the Maya that has internalized in the Spirit, keeping him captive by self-image.
Our misanthropy has the objective of the non-existence of the being, returning the Spirit to its condition of free Spirit in Chaos.