We understand that every manifestation has its beginning and is our opinion that the Old Serpent began infestation by their opponents sent the creation in Brazilian land long before European colonizers contribute. And with the advent of colonization the Great Green Poison and the Adversaries of creation increased the battlefield against the demiurge that already existed here.

Quimbanda is a posture and position contrary to any religion, belief or practice that leads to the demiurge and his archons.

Quimbanda – the beginning

During slavery, several African ethnicities, Bantos, Jejes, Angolans, Yoruba, Mandingas, Baubaras, Ibos and many others were brought to Brazil.

All who survived formed other societies in the slave quarters; each ethnic group had its own way of worshiping the spirits, the ancestors, the forces of nature and the deities of their original lands.

With the mixture of the various ethnic groups and the contact with the original Brazilian peoples, new ways for this people to continue to worship their sacred, many times syncretized with Catholicism to disguise and guarantee their survival, emerged.

There were individuals or small groups who continued to worship the way they learned in their homeland.

And there were a few who started the awakening of the Spirit and joined the Adversaries who were already here.

It is wrong to think that these cults took shape in Brazilian lands to favor the slave and powerful masters of the time.

Generally, the hidden cult, occult, was practiced with incorporations or possessions of spirits and practice of witchcraft and they were directed to attack the masters of slaves and executioners, the spirits invoked also brought diverse advice and protected the people.

This scenario includes individuals who were exiled by the European inquisition and courts: heretics and misfits of all kinds, witches, sorcerers, priests accused of practicing Black Magic and the caboclo peoples as a result of miscegenation and later immigrants who arrived here as a hand of work.

From this raging cauldron, full of hatred and a feeling of revenge, various forms of resistance cults arose, such as Candomblé, Omoloco, Tambor de Mina, Cabula and many others.

For THE TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES , the Cabula cult is the beginning of QUIMBANDA BRASILEIRA, where through this melting pot of cultures, a cult of spirits and other entities that manifested themselves through this channel was formed.

A cult of resistance and attack that uses the knowledge of Black Magic and the intercession of primordial forces and spirits.

And from this initial manifestation, Exu and Pombagira left clues for practitioners to go through their own efforts to advance in understanding Quimbanda and what the Exu and Pombagira manifestations are.

The existing cults were still contaminated by the demiurge’s flock and time had to select the Spirits that awoke from the slavery of creation.

This is how THE TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES came about, Poison against the creator and Remedy for Spirits fighting for freedom.

The origins of the words, the mythologies, the syncretisms and supposed historical origins and folk traditions that were used for the beginning of the manifestation of the Adversaries of creation in Brazil as Exu and Pombagira no longer matter.

What interests us is that the Ancient Serpent achieved its objective and that QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES is an arm of war and a way of liberation for awakened spirits.

Those who want to continue to hold on to mythologies and folklore stories, lies spread by the system or in masturbatory mental discussions, DO NOT LOOK FOR US.

May the Scythe and the Trident tear the veil of illusion and the Poison of the Great Ancient Serpent rots the creation.