THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE is a Quimbanda Terreiro that has developed and continues to develop its own Sorcery practices.

The objectives of the QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE are to free the spirit and reach the Other Side through Necrognosis and the practice of Sorcery.

We practice Sorcery as a means of freeing the Spirit from the slavery of material existence on any vibrational or dimensional level and as a weapon of war against the demiurge and his archons.

THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE develops its Sorcery with a focus on the autonomy of the practitioner, on their individualization and on practices that build and amplify a synchronicity based on the objectives of the Temple, without any servility of any kind, without fanaticism or mythologies.

THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE does not profess any religion.

For us, Quimbanda is a life position and is not and will never be proselytizing. The search for freedom and hatred for the demiurge and for creation are already part of the awake spirits or that started their awakening.

THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE is a misanthropic Coven, where its participants are indicated by others, we have this attitude because for us Quimbanda and the Via Sinistra as a whole is a solitary practice and spreading the opponents of creation’s infestation,causing Nuclear Infection Destructive and for that to happen, dispersion is necessary, not agglutination.

In due time, limited edition grimoires will be published for those who initiated the awakening of their spirits to get to know Necrognosis and Sorcery practiced in the Temple.

THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE maintains contact and exchange information with some Covens in Brazil and other countries, however it is not and will never be affiliated with any at any time. The only connection we have with other Covens are the common goals.


Any amount collected received by donating supporters or by selling some items for the practice of Witchcraft, books, training and mentoring, offered in this and only through this website is reverted to the maintenance and development of the TEMPLE.

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All items or services marketed by us are only displayed in the store of this website or requested through our contact email. To purchase Witchcraft artifacts visit our Black Market.

There are and never will be branches or persons authorized to comment, offer or request anything, at any time by any existing means or for any purpose on behalf of TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES.