Entheognosis is the knowledge obtained through the use of psychoactive substances that promote non-ordinary states of consciousness and were named by the term entheogen. Substance or substances mostly extracted from vegetables and that have been used ritualistically by the human being since the dawn of humanity. Enteogen literally means “inner manifestation of the divine”.

The entheogens used since time immemorial by shamans in practically all human cultures to reach ecstatic states and contacts with more subtle plans of existence and as a facilitating vehicle for the shaman’s consciousness to leave the body for other planes allowing interaction with beings from another dimension or who are in this dimension, but in vibrational levels unapproachable to human senses in a natural state.

The Great Poisonous Green that was the poisonous jet of the Great Old Serpent within the creation, contaminated part of that creation, certain plants and animals, with its own substance and that substance have the capacity to awaken the Spirit enclosed in the matter. < br> And it is this Enteogen that was and continues to be used for this purpose.

Within the context of awakening the Spirit, we use in our terreiro ritual and as a tool in our institute, several power plants and together with the strength of the Ancient Serpent that is channeled by the masters Exus and Pombagiras.

We conclude this page with the conviction that Enteognosis is a powerful way to awaken the Spirit and is accessible to anyone who is convinced on their path to awaken from this illusory transitory slavery.

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