I kill you all.

Ankou inscription of the baptistery of La Roche-Maurice, France.

The whole being from the moment it is generated is doomed to death. Matter at any vibrational or dimensional level on which it perishes, this is death commanded by azazel, the angel of death and responsible for harvesting the material energy that has been refined by the cloistered Spirit and that serves as food for the demiurge and his archons and the maintaining your tyrannical system.

Azazel, who has different names in different cultures, is the executioner and is responsible for separating the enriched matter and the Spirit, sending the Spirit back to the jail of the matter perpetuating the wheel of reincarnation / slavery. Basically demiurgical death is the Spirit’s control mechanism. This form of control is different for each state of matter, since each state of matter has a different function in maintaining creation at the dimensional / vibrational level in which it finds itself, therefore the time in which the Spirit is enclosed is regulated by chronos up to the time of harvesting by azazel, thus preventing, or supposing to prevent, that the spirit awakens from the maya trap escaping from the wheel of slavery.

Necrognosis is the deep knowledge of this mechanism and its use as an internal process as a means to free the Spirit from the wheel of slavery, simulating through witchcraft rituals the process of demiurgical death in the mind of the practitioner until reaching the level of the deepest unconscious , generating the energy necessary to cause the awakening of the Spirit.

Necrognosis or knowledge of death is the Gnosis developed in THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE.Through the Witchcraft rituals practiced in the Temple, the practitioner plunges into the abyss, causing the death of himself at the various consciential levels, thus subverting the law of demiurgical death.

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