At THE TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES we developed our ritual with the aim of freeing our awakened spirits and within this ritual that we have agreed to call Sorcery, we also practice witchcraft. There is a distinction that is clear to us and we will cover it briefly in this post.


Witchcraft is the art of the sorcerer or sorceress, we say art because witchcraft involves developing some form of craft produced to achieve a goal through the energetic placement of the practitioner who made the art.
Dolls, handmade candles, soaps, garlands and sachets of herbs, powders, baths of all kinds, drawings, paintings, sculptures, songs, prayers and an endless number of handicrafts produced by the practitioner’s creativity and magnetized with their energy in an attempt to achieve any objective for the performance of this energy. The art of witchcraft involves the knowledge of herbs, minerals, properties of certain animals or part of them, the manipulation of these materials for the production of healing or poison, of prayers and musical rhythms to facilitate trance and release or magnetize and send energy to the target objective.
Many of the objectives of the witchcraft that is performed, are achieved only by the direct action of the practitioner, for example, the use of powders in places and people, foods offered and etc … and with that a “mystical aura” is built around that craft produced when what was attempted with witchcraft is realized.

Witchcraft also involves the evocation of spiritual entities and or forces that the practitioner believes he has under his control or that he can, through various offerings, control or obtain his assistance and have his goals accomplished.

This type of witchcraft is 100% of the time the power to convey the energy of the practitioner himself, this when, in addition to the handicrafts produced, the objective to be achieved must have the practitioner’s involvement, that is, if the practitioner has the ability and the means to do it, for example poisonings, accidents and others.
Certainly when evoking spiritual entities and or forces or whatever, it strengthens the will and belief and facilitates the displacement of the practitioner’s energy to achieve his goal and creates in him the favorable disposition when necessary that he himself performs, having the firm belief in some protection and external mentoring. The very evocation of these entities and / or spiritual forces requires the sorcerer to produce some form of handicrafts which, in this context, also include food offerings, these offerings being carefully made with ingredients chosen by the knowledge of the sorcerer and witchcraft and produced following a ritualistic approach.
Witchcraft can and is used for the most diverse purposes.

At THE TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES , we use witchcraft mainly as a way of attacking creation and also to achieve objectives that open the way to the great target to reach, which is the Freedom of the Awakened Spirit.


In short, Sorcery is the act of reaching ecstasy in archaic forms or not, through entheogens or not.
This ecstasy reached by the practitioner is directed so that his mind moves in his own dimension, in other dimensions, in different energy levels than the practitioner lives, in this or another dimension, or in his own energy level and this ecstasy is used for several purposes such as receiving forecasts and oracular views, astral developments and etc.

But mainly Sorcery is practiced for the expansion of consciousness and to have contact with other realities, entities and spiritual forces.

In Sorcery, all that the practitioner needs is his willingness and courage so that it is known as normality fades, when the expanded mind comes into contact with what is around on multidimensional and energetic levels and even more, when the mind expanded practitioner comes into contact with his own hidden forces.

The fact is that using Enteogens or not or being set in specific external or internal locations, the Sorcery practitioner only needs and depends on himself.

The forces external to the practitioner, whether energy flows or entities, are only known through ecstasy. And these forces and entities cannot be controlled and do not submit, what happens is that being a flow of energy, the practitioner endeavors to understand and use these energies and being some entity, the practitioner understands the history and way of being of the entity and use this knowledge as a guide for the development of its own history, often gaining the sympathy of the entity or entities, but always depending on the practitioner’s effort, as both energies and entities will do nothing more than what was written above.

At THE TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES we developed our Sorcery with the objective of seeking the energetic flow of the Great Poisonous Green and the Adversaries of creation and finding the Adversary Entities, understanding the path that led them to the Liberation of the Spirit. In THE TEMPLE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES we use the term Shaman for the Sorcery practitioner. Shaman for understanding that it is the word that best describes what we do and Sorcery to counter what is currently understood as shamanism. We do not use Sorcery for any purpose other than the liberation of the Spirit.

We ended this post with the firm purpose of affronting the demiurge and his creation and as an opposition to everything that uses the power of the Spirit to maintain slavery.

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