The Sinister Practice in any aspect that manifests, demands from the adept initiative, without this quality it is impossible to proceed in the dark way, we could mention here many other qualities, but in this post we will focus on this one that may be the main and initial quality for whom began to walk the path of the Ancient Serpent.

Initiative is the first indication that the Spirit has started its awakening. Somehow and at any time in life when the human being is, like a shock of adrenaline that at first is not well understood, the initiative breaks the lethargic state in which the human being was, and he begins to impose his will in situations that would normally follow with the herd of sleeping people.

The Spirit trapped in this human being begins, even though in a timid and awkward way, to manifest itself, usually with outbursts of refusal to follow the conditioning he was in. Another indication of this initiative is that the human being starts to become more creative both in presenting artistic skills, as well as in providing unusual and effective solutions to everyday problems.

Obviously, the current system observes these individuals who start to leave their flock and initiates coercion, which can be in a subtle way, such as social labels, mental phases or even a mental illness so that the pressure of the flock again dulls the Spirit, in different ways. indirectly trying to direct the individual’s initiative to the system in such a way that because the Spirit is still in the early stages of awakening, he does not realize that he is being coerced into returning to the herd or directly chasing and even eliminating the individual.

Whichever way it manifests, the initiative is always an indicator of Spiritual awakening and the sooner the Spirit is able to focus attention on this new energy, the initial torpor disappears and the Spirit begins to know what to do, strengthening and directing this initiative towards free yourself from your bonds.

From our experience and observation, we can write that the search for self-knowledge, self-improvement and the questioning of the status quo are the first paradigm breaks that the Spirit undertakes. As we wrote more at the beginning, with the energy of the initiative, creative skills hitherto unmanifested, the sencence begins to emerge and as the rain flows into the river that flows into the sea, the Acausal Spirit enters the flow of the Great Green Poison until it manages to dive into the Ocean of Eternal Chaos, becoming a Serpent himself.

If fear dominates and paralyzes you, if you feel good just being surrounded by other people, if you don’t seek self-knowledge and self-reliance, if self-control is something strange, if you don’t like to take risks and fundamentally if you don’t put it in practice what you learn or don’t develop your own practice, forget about the Sinister Practice!